WOD: 2014-02-11


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Rope climb to 10', 4 perfect burpees, 6 OHS @ 33#. I felt like form was improved on all of the movements. I wasn't totally spent at the end so I probably should have added a few reps/weight.

Posted by LaurenF on Tue, 2014-02-11 07:33
Good work today Lauren

and way to be the first to post to comments!

Posted by benjamin on Tue, 2014-02-11 07:40

WOD: Tried 115lb OHS, but found my time necessary to recover from the burpees made it difficult. Ended up giving myself an extra 20sec of rest into the minute, then doing one good OHS at 115lb.

Good luck to AdamW on his orals today!!! MIT! MIT!

Now on to my "Noogler" orientation day....  Can't wait to learn those secret handshakes!

Posted by clee on Tue, 2014-02-11 08:15
115 is a lot!

Kudos for powering through.  Have fun at orientation!

Posted by NickA on Tue, 2014-02-11 09:00

rope rows - need to practice the actual climbing
8 burpees .... not enjoyable in Oly shoes
8 OHS @ 33#  ... felt good

Posted by clchapin on Tue, 2014-02-11 08:18

Rope Climb to Yellow on the wall. Burpees L2:6, OHS 33# L1:8. Today was definitely a skill improving day for me. Focusing on landing burpees flat footed and then using my left leg to squeeze the rope in the climb.


Posted by blonde666 on Tue, 2014-02-11 08:21
Adam W.

Great turnout 6am!  No one was daunted by the rope climbs and (everyone's favorite movement) OHS.

After the EMOM pull-up warm-ups, where I did 4 to try to keep pace with Nick A, I went to attempt an OHS at the Rx weight of 115#...I got the bar into position, but could not do a squate, so I dropped to 95# for the workout. 

Rx'd the reps on the WOD (@ 95# for the OHS, though my asthma kicked in pretty bad in round 4, so I skipped that round of OHS).  It was nice having Nick A. in front of me as a pacing partner - our coordinated bar-facing burpees for the first 2 rounds were pretty impressive!  The rope climbs felt a lot better today, and my short term goal for rope climbs is to be able to get to the top with one big jump and two pulls.  (Ultimately, I'd love to go all beastmode like Ethan and do them legless, but baby steps!)

Post-Class: 2 rounds of 3 pistols each leg and 20/30 unbroken DUs

OK, off to school...either way (e.g., fail or pass my orals), I'll be back to a more 'normal' school/study schedule.  See all your smiling faces tomorrow morning...

Posted by adw on Tue, 2014-02-11 08:49
Good luck!

Not that you'll need it!  :)

And yeah, those synchronized burpees were pretty amusing.

Posted by NickA on Tue, 2014-02-11 08:55
Nick A

Good stuff with the rope climbs today.  Concentrated on really tucking my knees to my chest before extending my legs to maximize usage and rely on my arms as little as possible.

WOD:  Tried a few practice reps at 115, and quickly realized that it woulnd't be sustainable, so I dropped down to 95, then 85.  I think that this was about right - I was still able to keep a pretty good pace through the last rounds, but it was tough.  Burpees predictably slowed down throughout, but I tried to empty the tank on the last round and burn through them as fast as possible - appreciated the extra few seconds of rest for th last 10 OHS.

Posted by NickA on Tue, 2014-02-11 09:00

2 rope rows - 6 burpees - 8 OHS at 33#

Now that I'm getting more comfortable with my burpee form, I plan to start focusing on making them more fluid instead of hitting each position and pausing. 

Posted by meflaher on Tue, 2014-02-11 09:36
Nate B

Enjoyed the WOD but in hindsight I only half-a$$ed it today. Still feeling like jelly from a weekend of fun in the mountains.

Started at Rx but adjusted the burpess and OHS to 8 reps. Thought I was doing the full rope climb but realize I probably only went to 10-12 feet (is 15 to the trusses?).

Kudos to the AM crew. That workout was harder than it appeared on paper. For me at least.

 Clarification: Did not Rx the OHS. Did that #65


Posted by Nate B on Tue, 2014-02-11 15:24

Glad to report that I've been able to hit the box 4 of the last 7 days.  Lower back continues to come around a little bit every day.  Today's WOD was still too ambitious, but hopefully I am back to 100% this month or early next.  In lieu of the WOD, I did 10 rounds of 10: kneeling grenades and bent over rows (using a rope around the bar).  45 pounds for grenades (on the first five rounds... had to drop 10# on the last five) and 45 for the rows.  

Posted by jfagan on Tue, 2014-02-11 11:24
Joe F

Tough day at the box today. Not enough sleep last night, not enough focus this morning. Everything was a struggle. 

Started the WOD with 45#OHS and rx Rope, but was struggling mightily at the end of first round with sh*t form on rope (hard to get the leg around for support) and OHS. Dropped to 33#OHS to concentrate on form and did rope pulls from the floor for remaining rounds.  

Continuing to learn...


Posted by rasp420 on Tue, 2014-02-11 12:03

first day back after being out with a cold for a week. 

scaled to 3 rope rows from the ground, 6 burpees, and 6 OHS @ 35#. OHS werent as bad as i thought they were gonna be. fun wod overall! 

Posted by siouxla.roode on Tue, 2014-02-11 19:58

strength - OHS sets of 3, got to 63#. felt very mobility-limited today - shoulders, hips, ankles - all sorts of stuff to work on. 

WOD L2 - 10ft rope climbs, 6 burpees, 6 OHS at 33#

First time doing rope climbs in a wod so scaled conservatively. Maybe more than necessary - 8 reps would have been fine. Also did full push-up burpees (no knees) which are harder but I think maybe a bit more efficient. 

Posted by jrl on Tue, 2014-02-11 20:05
You got up to at least 73# bc I did 68# (crossfit math: 33bar +2 10#+ 2 5# + 2 2.5#=what I got up to :)
Posted by KClark on Tue, 2014-02-11 21:44
thanks Katie!

Crossfit math iz hard!

Posted by jrl on Tue, 2014-02-11 22:03

Legless Rope Climbs
10 Weighted Box Squats - 33#, 20" box
10 standard burpees  

Posted by raphaeledwards on Tue, 2014-02-11 20:19
Endurance Club
Simple one for tomorrow: 10x100m - 100m active recovery jog. 100s at 80-85%
Posted by hfnichols on Tue, 2014-02-11 20:22
Monkey in the middle with a 14# MB might have been a tad ambitious but, man, I love that warm-up! We will miss you, Jaffney! WOD: mid-yellow stripe rope climb; 6 BFB; 8 OHS @ 53#. Focus on trying out the rope wrap, a more secure one whose name I can't recall. Spent ALOT of time on the bottom of the rope trying to get it right. Only able to get 6 burpees in ~30s as recommended so stuck with those with better form than usual. OHS just did not feel right. Had planned 75# but form was shoddy during warm up-going to work on these during tomorrow's WOD.
Posted by Cschm331 on Tue, 2014-02-11 20:25

Strength- sets of 3 OHS. Worked up to 63#.

EMOM 18- 8 burpees, 8 OHS at 33# and 10 Ring Rows. I went in thinking I'd do rope climbs but by second round was already barely able to do any noticable climbing so went to ring rows.


Posted by karagon628 on Tue, 2014-02-11 21:21
Katie C
Strength: got up to 68# for sets of 3, all felt really good. If we had more time and weren't about to do lots of OHS in the WOD could've gone up more EMOM18: Rx except the weight for the OHS (did at 43#). 10 bar facing burpees definitely were a killer but I think the oHS got me more trying to find a grip that didn't bother my wrists and felt comfortable. Happy to finally feel comfortable with full rope climbs. This one was a burner!!
Posted by KClark on Tue, 2014-02-11 21:50
EMOM 5 3 strict pull-ups. EMOM 18 w/ 73#. Rx reps but didn't make it to the top for one of the rope climbs. Burpees were pretty rough in the last few rounds.
Posted by lchin on Tue, 2014-02-11 21:57

oops wrong day

Posted by scdeluca1973 on Wed, 2014-02-12 16:00