WOD: 2014-08-09


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Open gym Tested my mile for real this time because the last time was a couple days after eating like crap for 6 weeks and barely working out :/ but I felt more like myself today and retested... 1mile: 9:55! Cut off a minute and 20 sec from original 11:15 back in January! I got to ring the PR bell!!! Eating right and WODs make all the difference, Glenn put it perfectly today... "This shit works!"
Posted by ligeri1990 on Sat, 2014-08-09 09:32
Spar-kles4.8ish mile Spartan


4.8ish mile Spartan Sprint with Lauren & Miller today.

The only burpees I did were because apparently my javelin throwing skills are rusty. Thanks to h20 for getting me through the rope climbs where a vast majority failed. 

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Posted by benjamin on Sat, 2014-08-09 18:13

4.8 mile Spartan "Sprint". Some of the longest and steepest off-road hills I've ever seen in my life! Bruised, scraped, and sunburned, but I got my first Spartan finisher T-shirt!

Posted by LaurenF on Sun, 2014-08-10 09:55