Healthy Herbal Extracts and Nutritional Supplements by Herbs of Gold

For the past 27 years, Herbs of Gold has been providing an array of quality herbal extracts as well as nutritional supplements industry with a product selection that has been expanding by the year. The company has built a reputation for high quality, integrity as well as reliability in the provision of herbal supplements. These products are trusted by many of the leading health supplements retailers for their top notch quality and reliability.

Herbs of Gold offers a unique selection of products that have been made from a combination of minerals, nutrients as well as herbs. In its approach to its nutritional supplements as well as herbal extracts, the company adopts a holistic approach in its product development that assures customers of the finest quality of health products.

The best Herbs of Gold products have been formulated from rich traditions and ancient medicinal knowledge that has been passed through generations over thousands of years. The herbs of gold follows on that rich tradition of Chinese medicine, European herbal medicine as well as Ayurvedic medicine.  A combination of traditional knowledge and thorough empirical research into the use of the herbs assures you of quality and safe herbs that can be used in treating some of the rare conditions that are not even treatable by modern medicine. Check Elite Vitamin Zone for more details.

Product Categories

Products by Herbs of Gold can be used for a variety of purposes including the treatment of allergies, for athletes’ health, treating blood sugar metabolism problems as well as for cold, flu and immunity functions. Other categories which are covered by these herbal extracts include digestion and detoxification, bones and joints issues, heart and blood circulation problems, muscles, tendons and ligaments problems, improving memory and concentration, stress, sleep and anxiety problems, hair skin and nails health, pregnancy ailments, weight management and urinary problems.

Whatever the kinds of complications you might be facing, you will find Herbs of Gold remedy that will be perfectly suited for your health requirements.

Where to find Nowra East Herbs of Gold products

The best place to find herbal extracts and nutritional supplements from Herbs of Gold is at the Elite Vitamin Zone or the EVZ.  Whether you are looking for immune support products or superfoods, there is a large variety of products to choose from here. Prices are fairly affordable ranging from $14 to $40.

The main products include the following:

·         Alpha Lipoic Acid

·         Anxiety Ease

·         Bio Silica

·         Breastfeeding Support

·         Bulgarian Tribulus

·         Children’s Multi Care

·         Children’s Immune Care

·         Collagen Gold

·         Cranberry 60000

·         Echinacea

·         Elderberry & Olive Leaf

·         Fibre Full

·         Fish Oil 1700 etc

Whatever your nutritional or herbal extract requirements, you can find it at at the most affordable pricing. Maximum quality and integrity is guaranteed in these trusted health products that have served the health needs of many Australians for close to three decades.

Check them out today and rejuvenate your health with the magic of Ayurvedic, Chinese traditional medicine or European herbal extracts prepared to exacting quality standards.


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Janine Harper