How Much Does It Cost to Remove Wisdom Teeth in Brisbane?

Of the many dental procedures, wisdom tooth removal is one of the most expensive, although it is also common. The surgical tooth extraction cost depends on a variety of factors. Knowing what they are can help you plan your expenses ahead.

  1. Type of Wisdom Tooth

The tooth extraction price can depend largely on the condition of your wisdom tooth. It can be either erupted or impacted.

An erupted tooth means the crown is already visible, and gum tissues no longer cover it. It is usually cheaper than removing an impacted tooth.

When you have an impacted tooth, it means that significant gum tissues still cover the crown. In some cases, it is also on the jawbone. Because of its location, the surgery can be more complicated.

  1. Kind of Procedure

The removal of a wisdom tooth may either be an inpatient or an outpatient process. Both can involve local or general anesthesia, depending on how many teeth the dentist has to remove. Whether you should stay in the hospital will be according to the complexity of the procedure and your overall health condition.

  1. Insurance

Medicare usually doesn’t cover dental procedures unless they are necessary for treating a medical condition. It may then entail a stay in the hospital, in which the public insurance will pay for your hospitalisation. It will not spend on your dentist’s professional fee.

Private health insurance, meanwhile, may not cover the entire surgical tooth extraction cost. It’s possible you pay about 40% of the cost, depending on your coverage. Sometimes the provider will give you a certain maximum limit for dental procedures annually. Check it out at Fix Dental

Having medical insurance is also not a guarantee you can spend less on the surgery. If the procedure is elective (which means the dentist didn’t recommend it), you may need to pay everything out of pocket.

  1. Doctor

Two types of dentists can work on wisdom tooth removal: general dentist and surgeon. The wisdom teeth removal price Brisbane experts offer can vary significantly between the two.

General dentists often practice on-chair procedures. They are ideal if the problem is simple. Surgeons, meanwhile, can handle more complex issues.

Because of the additional training surgeons receive, their professional fees tend to be higher than those of general dentists.

To help you save money on such procedures, you can consider clinics such as Fix Dental, which can provide you with fixed pricing. It saves you the hassle of second-guessing the cost.

  1. Additional Procedures

Sometimes you want to remove wisdom teeth to allow the others to move and align properly. You may also want to accommodate appliances such as implants.

These will require additional costs, especially if you are planning to remove all four wisdom teeth. Learn to compare clinics and find out which provides the cheapest all on 4 dental implants.

A surgical tooth extraction cost for wisdom teeth is expensive, but it can be necessary for many situations. To make it more affordable, understand the factors that can affect it and work with reliable clinics with fixed-price services. For more information, visit their website at:

Post Author: Janine Harper

Janine Harper