Questions You Should Ask Before Enrolling Yourself in Paintless Dent Repair Courses

For years, the Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) process (pushing, and pulling of automotive dents) was shrouded in secrecy. Fortunately, the industry is now opening and a paintless dent repair course run by professionals provides you with the best possible training and entry into this lucrative industry.

However, do you know what questions to ask a PDR trainer before committing to a paintless dent removal course? While many would like to learn PDR and realise they require training, a few know the questions that need to be asked during research. Below is a short primer on questions you need to be answered when evaluating a PDR training company’s instructor.

What lights do you use while training?

Technology’s revolutionary nature has changed just about in all industries, including training in the PDR industry. Modern LED lights feature a different wavelength of light compared to the traditional fluorescent lights. These lights then make it easier for you to learn PDR.

In fact, using LED lighting helps reduce the PDR learning curve by as much as more than half. Tasks that previously took days to complete with fluorescent lights can be completed in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, the likelihood of failure is much lower with LED lighting options. Check it out at The Dent Academy

Are you a certified trainer and do you offer certification on completion of a paintless dent repair course?

It makes perfect sense to learn the tips and tricks in the PDR industry under the watchful eye of an individually certified trainer. Attaining certification after the course is critical since the industry-recommended standards ensure you stay safe and provide the best quality service possible. Trainers in the industry not only hold to the standards, but they also train and equip their students to maintain the set standards.

What is your reputation in the Australian PDR industry?

The Australian PDR industry is relatively small and the number of professional trainers even smaller. The best trainers are known in the industry, thanks to the quality of graduates they churn out from their paintless dent removal training courses. Keep in mind that it is not the graduation rate that is important, but the success rates of their graduates that matters.

The reputation of their graduates is a direct reflection on the quality of the trainer in any company. Since this would be hard to determine, find out from PDR technicians about the quality of training provided at specific schools. In addition, you could also ask for references.

Assess Their Teaching Ability

Unfortunately, every PDR technician thinks they can teach someone PDR, but the reality is different. Teaching these skills can be challenging due to the learning curve. Furthermore, explaining the technical and theoretical aspects of metallurgy and moving metal requires a master instructor to bring them down to the practical application level.

The Dent Academy boasts of master instructors who will assist you up the learning curve until you become a professional PDR technician yourself. Even as you search for “PDR training near me”, be informed and do your research. If you have any questions about a paintless dent repair course, get in touch with the professionals today. For more information, visit us at

Post Author: Janine Harper

Janine Harper